Marketing and communications officer

Active Lincolnshire is looking for a marketing professional to join their new team.

The company came into being on 31 March 2017 when we changed our name from Lincolnshire Sport to more closely match our new role; namely to focus on helping everyone in the county to become more active, whether this was through sport or through everyday activities like cycling to work or walking to school.
In March, we also launched an ambitious vision; to get 20,021 inactive people to become active.  This will be a challenge. Out of a population of more than 700,000, almost a quarter (22%) are classed as inactive and this figure has been increasing over several years.

We are currently setting out our strategic plan and how we will involve partners in achieving this. Key to our success will be great communications with these organisations so that we can make the case for physical activity across all agendas, whether this is in education, health, business, local government or the voluntary sector. If you have a passion for helping to create new ways of engaging people and have the skills and experience, then we’d like to hear from you.


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Please complete the application form and email to by Thursday 18 January 2018.
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