James Horne

What have you been up to in the last three months?James Horne (2)

On the 2nd August I achieved 1.90 as the southern athletics league at Peterborough followed by my 2.00m jump at South of England champs which is currently still my PB, this was at Crystal palace.

My last 2 events in the past 3 months have been at the U17 England champs where I got 1.95 and placed 5th, this was due to patella tendonopathy in in my knee which meant for my last comp which was the Sainsbury’s school games I only achieved 1.90 and was placed 6th.

What’s coming up?

My season has finished now until some time in February, the dates have not been confirmed yet but the training leading up to these will be lots of circuits and strength and conditioning work.

What does a typical week look like for you?

College sport science followed by 20 minute runs some days, 3 circuits every 3 days with some hurdle drills and medball followed by sprints. On a rest day we have ab sessions with some mobility stretching.

Upcoming aims?

My upcoming aim is to achieve 2.10 by the end of the indoor season.

What will your LEAP award support you with?

‘’My LEAP award will support me to become the athlete that I need to be’’