Insight & Research

We gather and commission insight on physical activity and sport. This includes Sport England’s Active Lives, Public Health and Census data. This section includes a number of links to data and websites which we and our partners use to build an accurate picture of health, physical activity and sport.

We will continue to add to this site, so if you have any local or national data to share with us, then please let us know.

Useful Links



  • Active Lives Sport England Survey (Nov 16/17) Published March 2018
    The national survey of adults aged 16+, completed every six months. Shows a trend of physical inactivity in Lincolnshire rising (almost a quarter of the population at 24.5% compared with England’s 22.2%). Walking remains the top activity – for leisure and travel.
  • Everybody Active, Every Day
    Public Health England’s four-step plan to tackling inactivity
  • Women & Girls
    Sport England – Go where women are
    Up-to-date research exploring the relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more women more active
  • Tacking Inactivity: understanding the audience
    Sport England insights from the Get Healthy Get Active projects
  • Health & Work: Public Health England
    Series of infographics on workplace health in England

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