Haran Dunderdale

What have you been up to in the last three months?Haran Dunderdale

The last 3 months has been the cross-country season. It is still very early in the cross-country season so I haven’t raced much yet, with the bigger races coming in the first few months of next year. In the races which I have competed in though, I have shown progression, which is pleasing as I know that training is going the right way and by the time the major races come I will be in good shape.

In the last race, I went out extremely fast (2.48 for the first km) which took its toll towards the end of the 8000m race as I dropped back to 16th by the finish. I was happy with my race, as I was 4th from the people who were actually my age. I also beat an athlete who has previously ran much faster than me, so hopefully with the right conditions I could show this form in the up coming races.

What’s coming up?

Conference – this will be the biggest race of the season so far and what training has been focused around for the past 3 months. It is my first ever race at conference so I’m slightly unsure what to expect from the race. Hopefully I can run well on the day and help out the team so that we win the team championships.The race will be used as a learning curve for future years when I move through the age groups. The training listed before is what I’ve been doing to prepare myself for this race.

Any other information relating to LEAP?

The LEAP top has been attracting attention. When people see me wearing it at competitions, they always question what LEAP is and what they do. Hopefully this raises awareness for the programme. I would just like to thank LEAP and people related to LEAP for the support over the past year.

What does a typical week look like for you?

  • Monday- An easy recovery run. This will change every week depending on the previous week and what is coming up in that week.
  • Tuesday- During the cross-country season this is mainly longer, endurance based training. As well as running I also do lifting on Tuesdays. Sessions are normally run at 6.15am so that I can get it in before school.
  • Wednesday- Mainly a hilly route at a steady pace
  • Thursday- Steady recovery run, the same as Monday
  • Friday- Session. This session has the same base as Tuesday but will be a different variation of distance or recovery. Session done at 6.15am due to school.
  • Saturday- Steady recovery run, the same as Monday
  • Sunday- Long run. This normally starts off steady and increases the pace throughout. I isn’t meant to but it always seems to.

Upcoming aims?

I mainly use cross-country as a building block for the track season and steeplechase so tend not to set many aims for winter. Every course is different so it’s difficult to state a time I would hope to run and as I’m the bottom end of my age group it would be unrealistic to aim for winning high quality races.

So really my main aim would be to get a solid block of training in over winter before hopefully attempting to qualify for the European juniors for steeplechase in the summer, which will be held in Sweden.

What will your LEAP award support you with?

‘’My LEAP award has/will support me to be able to travel to higher quality races which are further away, which I might not have been able to get to before, which are designed to be fast. This has helped me maximise my potential with the resources I currently have access to, up to this point.’’