Fit Kids

Do you have children aged 4-11? Do you find it hard to encourage them to eat a healthy diet and get an hour of exercise every day?

Most of us have busy lives and it is hard to find the time and energy to get it right all of the time. In Lincolnshire there are some areas where up to one third of children are overweight. It can be very tricky to give them a good start with all the temptations of junk food as well as tv, video games and computers to keep them occupied.

Fit Kids is a 12 week weight management programme for children aged 4 – 11 years and their families. Children learn with fun activities with sessions on healthy eating and choosing an active lifestyle. Programmes are run in a group environment and are run at leisure centres, community centres and schools after school during term time.

Children attend twice each week with an adult, up to 12 families can attend each programme, and more than 800 families have already taken part.

Kids that have already completed the programme have told us they are happier, feel better and have got fitter:

“I am never going to drink Dr Pepper after seeing how much sugar it contains. Water is now my drink of choice!”

How can I get involved?

If you think your family could be a little healthier, or are concerned that your child is overweight, there is a coordinator in every district in Lincolnshire you can call for more information. They can help you decide if the scheme is right for you and your child.


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