GoExplore Lincolnshire


Active Lincolnshire are proud to introduce a new informative and interactive walking experience with it’s new walking app GoExplore Lincolnshire.

The app is available FOR FREE from the app store and play store now.

We are looking for good quality, informative and creative walks to populate the app. If your walk is used you will receive £30 per walk. For more details see below.


Active Lincolnshire, funded by Sport England, has developed an event exploring app which guides users to locations on a map, provides additional information about the location and monitors activity while in use.

This work is intended to encourage greater activity in the parks and green spaces around Lincolnshire.
The app will give the user access to walk, run, ride and explore routes where questions can be asked and quizzes uploaded, it also keeps track of the users miles, steps and calories.

Each route has content that you unlock when you participate in the walk, it is great for families and those with interests in general knowledge, history or botany.

The GoExplore Lincolnshire App is also fantastic for workplaces with live leader boards that staff can access through their profile. This can be used for work challenges, staff days out or as an incentive to earn team nights out, away days, new equipment or other staff desires that can be “won” through participation.

As the App is new, live and adaptable walks are able to be added constantly and the content of the walks is owned by occupants of Lincolnshire. If you have any walks you would like to add please contact communications@activelincolnshire.com or see the content below:

Guidelines for uploading to the app

Website to upload your walks