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Get Active Feel Good Lincs

Active Lincolnshire and Macmillan have teamed up to deliver a pilot project which aims to improve outcomes in cancer patients by supporting them to become more active.

The three year Macmillan Get Active Feel Good Lincolnshire project will run until November 2018. The project encourages and supports adults in Lincolnshire who have had a cancer diagnosis to lead a more active lifestyle.

Get Active Feel Good

There is evidence which shows being moderately active on a regular basis can help patients anywhere on their cancer journey. Get active and feel good by introducing gentle activity into your daily routine. Activity can:

  • Help with preparation for surgery
  • Reduce the side effects of treatment, such as fatigue.
  • Develop mobility, strength and endurance
  •  Support the immune system in the long and short term.

Every movement matters

There are around 28,000 people living with and beyond cancer in Lincolnshire, with 3,000 new diagnoses every year. With improved treatments and earlier screening, more than 50% of those diagnosed will live a decade or more, and the project will encourage patients to do what they can to help themselves by leading a healthy lifestyle.

F&ATwo dedicated Get Active Feel Good Physical Activity Practitioners, Fiona Roche and Aaron Hall, currently offer patients 12 months of support, helping to find suitable, safe and effective ways to become more active. They help with motivation, research things to do, link into existing services, and monitor patient progress. The project is participant led, meaning goals and aspirations are set by the patient, which maximizes the chances of success.

The project was rolled out in November 2014, Fiona and Aaron’s first participants began their journey to an active lifestyle in January 2015. They have encouraged over 190 people so far to become more active and achieve most amazing physical activity goals.

Every step counts

Get Active Feel Good Lincolnshire 10k teamMost recently a group of participants walked Lincoln 10k in April this year, along with the support of Fiona, Aaron, Clinical Nurses Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Macmillan Information Centre Staff and the Macmillan Lead Nurse for Cancer. It is with the help of all these people and their loved ones that they achieved such an amazing feat. Some of the participants could only manage a 10 minute walk after treatment when they first started with the Practitioners, but with help and support they increased their walking to 10k.

Walking for Health organise social walks around Lincolnshire. Read more and find a walk near you on the Walking for Health page.

Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis living in Lincolnshire is welcome to take part and self-referrals are welcome.

Contact Us

To register your interest contact 01522 730 325 or email

Aaron Hall: 07843 105 222
Fiona Roche: 07483 105 226


Twitter: @GAFGLincs