FUNdamentals of Coordination

Help Your Young People Develop Dexterity for Life

After this workshop, not only will you have an excellent working knowledge of the principles of coordination, you’ll also have a raft of practical solutions to aid its development in children.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • build upon what you learned in our “Introduction to FUNdamentals of Movement” workshop
  • sharpen your observational, evaluation and intervention skills to enable you to take your youngsters’ movement abilities in specific sports to the next level
  • understand a key generic skill that underpins the majority of sports
  • improve your coaching of children
  • develop your children’s multi-skill ability
  • widen child participation in sport
  • reduce the prospect of injury in later life

Dates of upcoming courses:

£30 for members of the Lincolnshire Coaches Network

£35 for non-members

Closing date: