Young Disabled Sportsperson of the Year

The Young Disabled Sportsperson of the Year award is presented to an individual who has displayed an outstanding level of personal achievement at district, county, regional, national or international level.


Rebecca Franks, 16, Swimming

The reason I have for nomination is that she has got back on the regional talent programme in swimming has a british record for the 200 breast stroke for the sb8 classification in short course has made a final at the international/world champs trail in April and came 5th at the junior nationals got 1gold 1 sliver and 5 bronze at the regionals she got 5 gold and 2 sliver and a runner up in age group and that when she got back on regional talent and got her last time for the asa national in 100 butterfly and at the asa national she got into a final in the 100 butterfly for her first ever asa national final and got 5 pb and came 7th in the final of the butterfly

Also nominated…

Charlie Bonner, 14, Wheelchair Basketball

Charlie was born with Arthrogryposis which has affected both his legs and wrists making them very weak, but this hasn’t stopped him excelling playing Wheelchair Basketball at every opportunity that he can. Charlie has been playing for seven years and has won the regional and national club championship as well as being part of the regional squad that won all the titles four years in a row all at u15yrs. Charlie was also part of the winning u15yrs Jaguars team that competed in the central club league. Unfortunately at the national finals where the top eight clubs played off for the national title we only had four players fit to play (with one of those only having started playing 4 months prior) but still managed to win a game against London and eventually came sixth. He has now moved up to under 19yrs and was selected for the East Midlands regional squad as part of The Lord’s Taverners National Junior Championships held at the birth place of the Paralympics, Stoke Mandeville Stadium over three days 26-28 July 2013. Charlie has also represented his school at the Lincolnshire schools championship coming third out of eight teams where he was top scorer for his team.

Fraser Swain, 14, Football

Fraser came to the Disability Player Development Centre having only experience a small amount of football due to being unable to participate in the mainstream game. He has now been a part of the Lincolnshire Disability Player Development Centre for a year and has developed massively as a player. Fraser is now part of the East Midlands Centre of Excellence CP squad which is based in Nottingham where he travels for every session as he is committed to becoming an even better player. With the support of his family and commitment and drive of his own then he has the ability to progress very far with his football. The change in Fraser in just a year has been massive and he is growing in to a fantastic young man. Hopefully one day we may see him play for England.

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