Contribution to Physical Activity

The Contribution to Physical Activity award is presented to an individual or group which has made an outstanding contribution to physical activity as an administrator, official or volunteer.


Karen Hunt (50) & Ann Bradshaw (70)

Health Walk leaders in Gainsborough since 2008 playing a vital role in the health of the community. Have led over 600 walks between them clocking up 1800 miles. Ann, a breast cancer survivor, and Karen, who suffered a brain haemmorhage, have brought real life experiences to their group and have given hope to their fellow walkers. Both are ambassadors for West Lindsey Health Walks. Ann has set up an additional group in Torksey. Both presented to GP’s at the Lincs West Clinical Cluster Group in May 2013.

Also nominated…

ELDC Finance Team

George and the other members of the finance team have been  nominated after taking part in the GCC challenge ran as part of East Lindsey and Compass point employees. The team, ‘Gusty’s Globetrotters’ totally embraced the step challenge and stormed their way to succes making great changes to their physical activity levels throughout the four month challenge. The team have made great lifestyle changes and through the purchase of new bikes have proved that they will continue to maintain their healthy lifestyle changes into the future. The team really pulled together to win the challenge but also had great competitive spirit within their team. The team covered the equivalent of 7765 miles throughout with a step average of nearly 25000 per day throughout the challenge.

Nigel Stephenson, 32

Nigel has been working as Health and Physical Activity Manager at Carre’s since its Fitness Suite opened in 2004. During that time he has welcomed over 1000 new members to the gym. Has also established highly successful Cardiac Phase IV Rehabilitation and Exercise Referral schemes in partnership with NKDC, Lincs PCT and Lincolnshire County Council, Grantham Hospital and the local GP Surgeries. His manner with new, uncertain and sometimes very scared patients is a major strength in enabling these people to feel comfortable in their new environment. The impact he has had on a huge numbers of patients has been staggering. Quite simply for some patients his effectiveness has been life changing.


The Contribution to Physical Activity award is sponsored by Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health

Philip Garner, Health Improvement Principal at Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health, said:

Staying Active matters to the health of the nation.  It is a fact that regular physical activity of moderate intensity can bring about major health benefits.  The recommendations for physical activity are supported by scientific and medical evidence:

  • Children under 5 years preschool – waling and active for 180 minutes spread throughout the day
  • Children and Young People – moderate to vigorous activity for at least 60 minutes to several hours a day
  • Adults – aim to be active daily.  At least 150 minutes of moderate activity over a week
  • Older Adults – aim to be active daily.  Some activity is better than none.

Working with many local partners: councils, leisure providers and charities the Public Team in NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council have established a number of physical activity schemes to be more active more often.

Congratulations and many thanks to those staff and volunteers that contribute their time and effort to making such schemes the success they are.

For more information about Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health, click here.