Active 4 Health

The Active 4 Health award is awarded to an individual who has used physical activity to make a positive difference in their life over the past 12 months.

The award recognises a person who has shown determination and possibly overcome challenging circumstances to achieve a personal goal.


Andrew Elsham, 27

Referred on to Exercise Referral scheme by GP with weight issues, low confidence and self esteem, Andrew started walking following consultation with Health Trainer and now attends the gym 3 times a week. He has lost 5st over the last 18 months and has gained the confidence to take a teaching qualification and to take his driving test as well as joining a running club. This has improved his self esteem and anxiety issues.

Also nominated…

Laura Tate, 42

Laura was referred to Exercise Referral scheme due to being overweight and suffering from depression and fibromyalgia. She joined a circuit class and Health Walks programme and found it difficult to balance exercise with looking after her three children. Exercise has meant she is now virtually pain free and no longer using medication, improved her energy levels and lost a significant amount of weight. She is planning to join a gym and start swimming.

Patricia Mabbott, 65

Patricia joined exercise referral scheme in Feb 13 suffering from fibromyalgia and suffered from poor mobility and energy levels.  She attended a weekly pain management class and circuit class and has seen significant improvement in her health. She is looking forward to being able to play with her grandchildren in Australia for the first time thanks to the benefits of exercise.

The Active 4 Health Award is sponsored by Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health

Philip Garner, Health Improvement Principal at Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health, said:

“Staying Active provides long-term benefits for your health.  It helps to control weight, reduce blood pressure and improve your mental health.  Studies suggest that being physically active in middle age can increase your life expectancy by two years: the same benefit as giving up smoking.

“Being physically active doesn’t mean long gym sessions or strenuous workout regimes.  You could go swimming, take exercise classes or play a sport; physical activity also includes everyday activities, things like walking, cycling, cleaning or gardening.  Set yourself a goal to build up to at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on three or more days to reach then exceed 150 minutes of activity a week and be more active more often.

“Everyone can benefit from being active – whatever your age, size or physical condition, just remember that you are never too old or too unfit to be more active more often.

“The good news is that inactive people that start to do moderate physical activity feel the biggest health benefits.  Your health risks will decrease as soon as your start to be more active more often.  Good luck!”

For more information about Lincolnshire County Council: Public Health, click here.