Roger Burke

Roger Burke – Community Sports Coach

Roger developed a keen interest in the sport of badminton soon after leaving school. It wasn’t though until he represented the Royal Air Force that opportunities allowed him to travel extensively with a racket in the hand luggage.

After leaving the Services he qualified as a badminton coach in 1977 and has now been instructing for 35 years.

Using his business contacts to acquire sponsorship, he has successfully organised numerous charity tournaments raising tens of thousands of pounds for blind children throughout the East Midlands.

He commenced his employment with the Active Lincolnshire in May 2006 as a Level 2 Coach and has been passing on his knowledge to thousands of children and adults ever since.

His main hobbies involve cycling and hill walking, although he has been known to throw himself out of an aircraft  at odd times – with a parachute of course.

Contact Roger

Email  |  Mobile: 07940 937 689